Swept up by design

Back in early 2005 a friend showed me a (at the time) small online virtual community called "Second Life." The game had a really novel feature, the ability to create 3D models inside the game itself and use them in real time. I was hooked within minutes. The hobby turned into a passion and in 2006 I began working for the studio Infinite Vision Media on The Weather Channel's virtual destination "Epic Conditions." Following the critical success of that project I continued to work on a wide variety of productions, ranging from a virtual incarnation of America's Got Talent for NBC to a virtual Kristallnacht exhibit for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The ability to create vast 3D virtual worlds was a dream, but I was compelled by the need to know more and so I went to art school!


What I love about what I do

After graduating with my BFA in Media Art & Animation I worked in capacities large and small, in nearly every facet of visual art. What I've loved most about every one of them has been the huge amount of learning that comes with engaging people in different ways. Every project has taught me something new and given me another tool for my toolbox. Each opportunity was a chance to craft an exceptional experience for the audience, to show them something new and move them.

What my clients love about what I do

Because of my experience and diverse background my clients find that I bring so much more to the table than just the ability to get good work done on time. They love that my passion and my approach bring with it attention to detail, completeness, and transparency. Most importantly they love that they can trust me with their business because they know I won't settle for good enough.

I look for clients who have a message to share and want to do in a exceptional way. If you have something to say, I'd love to hear it and to help make sure others hear it too!