Sometimes you need Beautiful Illustrations to keep people paying attention.

What's illustration all about?

Illustration is graphic design's beautiful and loud step-sister. Like graphic design, commercial illustration is all about communication. Unlike graphic design, commercial illustration is there to get noticed. Great illustrations evoke mood, get people to stare, and leave a lasting impression.


It's not just for ads in magazine.

Illustration goes hand in hand with "pull marketing" and "content marketing" strategies. It's something that can be shared, enjoyed, printed, put on a t-shirt, or even hung on a wall. If its released regularly, or coupled with a promotion, it can pull new customers in and bring old customers back.

Cover Images for a web comic created for Inteliavte:


It's not without purpose.

Like graphic design, great illustrations have a purpose and an intent to communicate; only instead of a "message" they usually tell a story. That's a nuanced but important difference because a story is something a person can connect with, be absorbed by, and share. That's makes illustration perfect for connecting with your consumers in a meaningful and human way; something that is becoming increasingly more valuable in today's advertisement landscape.

Even the simplest illustrations can pique curiosity and pull consumers to you.

Visual Development & Character Design

Excerpt from "Lenny" webcomic for Intelivate