Logo Design

What is it and why do I need one?

Your logo is the first identifying feature of your company and brand. It's a symbol that is derived from your unique offering, voice, and values. It's the visual name of your company, and as it becomes more familiar its meaning becomes more complex. A logo can be anything from a simple well designed word to a complex graphic illustration. If it's done well it can attract potential customers from across the room and build trust in existing ones. 

What makes a good logo?

A great logo must be recognizable and memorable, people need to be able to recognize its face in the crowd at a glance. It should be simple in its approach but complex in its proposition. Good logos should be versatile, able to be used across multiple medias and in multiple ways. Enduring logos avoid cliche. Daring logos leapfrog over industry trends. Above all a logo must communicate with the customer.

Top Logo Myths

  • "Logos should tell you everything." It's true that logos should be representative of a company's brand, but they're just the tip of the iceberg.
  • "Logos should be literal." Logos don't need to explain the business. It's far more valuable to intrigue a customer to know more than it is to just say, "Hello, goodbye!"
  • "Logos can never change." On the contrary! The biggest brands change logos frequently to appeal to new or changing audiences. The true test of an enduring logo is its ability to stay distinct through those changes. 

The Process:

How I'll be developing your logo with you

  1. We get to know each other! The best work comes when we are able to effectively communicate so that I can fully understand your business, brand, vision and goals.
  2. Research: Marketplace; who is the audience and who are your competitors? Application; where will the logo be used, and what requirements do those needs impose? Reference; what are successful logos and trends in the industry?
  3. Conceptualize and explore: I sketch a huge amount of ideas to find the right combination of design and message for your needs.
  4. Present: I'll present the strongest concepts for review and discussion. This will often include a live collaboration session where I sketch over and modify the designs as we discuss them.
  5. Refine: We continue to revise the logo until it resonates with everyone involved.
  6. Test: I put the logo on several mock-up images to show how the logo will appear in real world context. (This ensures we're not creating a pretty, but ultimately useless icon!)
  7. Finalize: Based on all feedback I add in final touches and tweaks and deliver a digital packet of logo files ready to use!