Video Killed The Sales-Letter Star

Is video really that good?

Yes, without a doubt. Video has emerged as a powerhouse for marketing over the last decade. There are regular reports of 20% increased conversion rates, with some companies seeing product videos increasing conversion rates by as much as 130%. Video offers a way to keep your visitors on your site longer, expose them to more information, and build confidence in your business and products.

They aren't commercials.

The kind of videos I'm talking about are "explainer" videos, not commercials. The key difference is in the goal and format of the video. Commercials interrupt a viewer's experience and attempt to sell something. Explainer videos are sought out by the viewer and attempt to explain something. By using an explainer video on your website or social media account you can dramatically increase viewer engagement, information retention, and credibility.

It's a true investment.

Animation is extremely time intensive and often involves several professionals operating in complex and overlapping capacities. Pricing can vary as much as $3,000-$20,000 depending on wide range of factors including: video length, style and complexity.

Between keeping visitors on your website longer and the increased conversion rates most businesses see the ROI as quick and lasting.

The Process:

The process for creating an animated video is tried and true. It typically takes around 6 weeks and is comprised of these 7 steps.

  1. Discovery: We discuss your needs, brand, product & service, goals, and your consumer. Research is done on the market and an early concept is formed and reviewed.
  2. Script Writing: Through a collaborative process we will write the script for the video, this is the most important part of the video and often goes through many revisions.
  3. Storyboard: The storyboard is a series of rough drawings that attempt to illustrate what the final animation will look like. They cover the shot composition, basic editing, big movements, and pacing for the video. This allows everyone to get on the same page and ensure that the animation needs as few revisions as possible, saving a lot of time and money later on.
  4. Style Guide: A style guide consisting of static images and designs is developed to help us visualize the look and feel of the animation.
  5. Sound Design: We collaborate on the music and sound direction, chose a voice actor, and record the voice over track.
  6. Animation: Now that everything has been tied down the animation can begin! This is by far the longest step. After it's finished you'll receive a "rough cut" of the video which we'll review and revise as needed.
  7. Final Cut: After all revisions are finalized and every frame is polished we'll deliver the final cut in multiple video files for you to use!


All that's left is to celebrate and share it with the world!

Promotional sales video created for SF Digital Media Marketing

Promotional Sales Video created for Intelivate